Common Virtual Assistant Interview Questions (and Answers)



This course is PACKED with gems to help you find, pitch, and land clients with a high-success rate. Exploratory calls with clients are a crucial (yet often overlooked) part of being a VA.What you’ll learn:Basically…everything you need to help you close deals and look good! We start by learning about various methods for how to actually find and pitch clients. Included in that section are scripts to help you find the right wording and an exercise to help you find your authentic voice (which by the way, is really handy when it comes to marketing your services).Next, well cover the 10 most common interview questions that clients ask when you hop on the phone with them. Not only will we answer those questions together, but youll learn invaluable skills along the way like how to find your niche services, set boundaries with your clients, and close the deal.Not only can you use this course to prepare for your own interview, but you can also use these questions as guidelines if you need to lead your own interview. Not every client you interview will be great at asking questions, so you can flip the script, and knock their socks off by guiding an informed conversation.What’s included:A script to ask for referrals A script to perfect your LinkedIn Headline and SummaryA writable PDF to help you find your core (niche) VA servicesA script to send to clients immediately after your interview (including a contract to close the deal and sign your client!)An eBook ~Delegation Blueprint  ~ full of key insights, best practices, and suggested tasks to help your client get started.BONUS: This course also includes a FREE DELEGATION BLUEPRINT. Occasionally, you’ll have an exploratory call with a potential client who doesn’t *quite* know what they need help with (or how to delegate to you effectively). The downloadable blueprint is the perfect eBook to send to clients who may need some extra hand-holding.