**Limited 24 Hours sale**The key to perfecting your communication strategyGreat communication skills can make all the difference in your personal and professional life, and expert author Mayur Bardolia with you his top tips for successful communication in any situation.Packed with advice on the exact process of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication, powerful presentation skill, communicating using email and lots more, Communication Skills For Beginners is a comprehensive communication resource no professional should be without!Get ahead in the workplaceGet noticed in a group by communicating your ideas Get recognised in peopleCreate powerful image using powerful communicationUse effective communication skills to secure that new job offerConvince friends and family to support you on a new ventureUtilising a core of simple skills, Communication Skills For Beginners will help you shine in no time!Learn to:Communicate successfully, whatever the situationBuild trust, engage with empathy and listen carefully to develop relationshipsExpress yourself clearly in writing and over the phone, as well as in personManage conflict and effect a positive outcomeGet your message across and connect with anyone for greater success in your career and social lifeGreat communicators arent born, theyre made. The simple yet powerful tools and techniques youll find in this guide can transform anyone into a great communicator in no time. Inside,youll find easy exercises for building your messaging muscle,along with quick fixes for simple communication problems, and priceless insights and advice on everything from nonverbal communication to communicating over digital media.Listen, learn, communicate find out how to improve relationships through active listening and clearly defining what you really want to communicateTear down the barriers to effective communication learn to zeroin on and shed prejudices and preconceptions that can get in the way of making a connectionShow them you mean it, discover how to control every aspect of your physical delivery including hand gestures,facial expressions and tone of voice for maximum effectAdjust your attitude find out how your attitude impacts the content and delivery of your message, and how it can make or break your chances of delivering your presentation and communicationEnroll in this course and find:Strategies for overcoming any communication obstacleTips for becoming an active listenerTechniques for controlling body language and voice modulationSimple exercises for building your communication skills fastTips for communicating effectively in writingTechniques for making the most of communication technologyInstructorMayur Bardolia is a Result Coach and Inspirational International Trainer who tailors coaching programmes and workshops to individuals and teams across the world.