Comparing Agile vs Waterfall Project ManagementWhich Project Management method is best between Agile and Waterfall?Project Management is an incredibly popular field and the rivalry between Waterfall and Agile has been long and bitter! Today we finally get two world experts in each together to battle over which should be truly crowned the Best Project Management Tool. Managing a project is often a pivotal moment in your life and choosing the right method can make or break your success. If you want to be confident in your choice then this Agile vs Waterfall course is perfect for you.In this course we answer both big picture and technical project management questions to assess the two styles. For example; which is better for large projects, whether Agile is more expensive, and if it can be used for projects other than Software? You wont learn the basics of the two styles, but if you already have a familiarity with both and want to settle your curiosity then this is the course for you. After this course you will feel confident in the similarities, differences and applications of Agile and Waterfall. We look at real life project management examples (some of which will definitely get you laughing) and dont hold back on the straight talking.Chris Croft and Doug Rose are both international speakers in their respective fields. They are widely published authors, and have been teaching Project Management individually to companies for over 20 years. From this course you can expect an entertaining and practical teaching style, but with decades of knowledge to back it up.The course overview includes:Uncover all the pros and cons of Agile and WaterfallLearn which technique to use for your projectsUnlock the meaning behind Agile buzzwordsChoose between Project Management suppliersHear real life examples from projectsDiscover the true cost and planning time needed for each methodThis course does not teach the foundations of Agile or Waterfall in detail – but something better!And lots lots more!By becoming great at Project Management – whether you decide to choose Agile or Waterfall – not only will you pave the way for a future promotion, you’ll also have saved your company thousands!This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee