Complete Beginners Introduction to Guitar Course



There are thousands upon thousands of guitar tutorials and instructional videos across the internet which can be very overwhelming even for the experienced guitar player! The question is which ones are good, factual, correct, and most importantly relevant!? Luckily for you, I have put together this course which includes all of the essential knowledge you will need to know when starting out! This course is aimed at both acoustic and electric guitar players, with Rhythm and Lead guitar examples to play along with.With 5 years ofteaching experience,10 years of knowledge andpractice, and youth, I am very confident that this course is the best purchase you could possibly make to kickstart your journey to learning the guitar!Irealise that there are many instructional videos out there that are so boring, monotone, and teach things poorlythat are even sometimes irrelevant. It can be hard to sift through the majority of thosevideos to find quality, factual, relevant,enjoyable material. This is why Ihave decided to compile all of the best and most necessary information into one enjoyable course.Along with plenty ofvideo content, I also include relevant PDF attachments where necessary. This course can be completed in undera fortnight if you dedicate 15minutes of practice per day, and you willbe able to maintain and improve your new skills by re-applying your new knowledge thereafter.Iguarantee you will complete this course feeling successful and accomplished, and ready to share your new skills with your friends and family!