Complete Course on XML Publisher Reports in Oracle Apps R12



Course Content : =============CLASS1 – First Xml ReportCLASS2 -First Xml Report part 2CLASS3 – Base Tables for Concurrent program and Data definition and data templateCLASS4 – USER PARAMETERS – BIND AND LEXICALCLASS5 -Xml report with ParametersCLASS6 -triggers (before parameters , after parameters , before report ,between pages , after report)CLASS7 – User Exits and P_CONC_REQUEST_IDCLASS8 – Lexical parameter exampleCLASS9 -RTF layout creation manually simple exampleCLASS10-Po master Detail ReportCLASS11-Formula column and place holder columnCLASS12-Summary column and xdoxslt with minimum and maximumCLASS13-Fixing the issues in PO ReportCLASS14-Po Report Development – For-each section ,split by page breakCLASS15-CALLTEMPLATE AND CALL@INLINES TAGclass16-conditional statement IFclass17-choose whenclass18-Sql and xslt functions in RTF  layoutclass19-Dynamic Logo Method 1 using Call Templateclass20-Dynamic Logo Using OA_MEDIAClass21-Dyanmic Logo Using Sub templateClass22-Subtemplate With ParametersClass23-How to create Multi layout and multi language reportclass24-How to work with transalationsclass25-FND_SUBMIT.REQUEST_SUBMITClass26-Realtime example with execution using API FND_SUBMIT.ADD_LAYOUTClass27-How to limit rows per page LogicClass28-How to limit rows per page -ExecutionClass29-WOrking with barcodes in Xml Publisher reports with executionclass30-XML Bursting with execution -SFTP,FILESYSTEM,EMAIL,FAX,PRINTclass31-Xml Bursting with filtersclass32-Working With Data template method – part1class33-Working with data template method -Master detail reportclass34-datatemplatemethod – before and after report triggers and lexical parameters Also Covered topics on Data Template method and Report Development Using PLSQL