Take Your WordPress theme or plugin to the very next level!Learn how to program the WordPress theme customizer for any modern theme or plugin. Create theme options the modern way as requested by the WordPress theme review team.The theme customizer isone of the most exciting features of themes and plugins in WordPress and theme options. They allow your theme or plugin to stand out and give the user many options to add all types of data from:text controlsdatescolor controlsimage uploaderstextareasURLs and emailsnumber range slidersmedia controls including audioand moreWhy Should Theme Developers Take This Course?The problem with most theme options is that they do not follow the codingstandards or best practices only confusing web designers whouse them.The Theme Customizer is the best way to create a consistent look and feelbetween themes while following best practices and allows the user to customize your theme in a morecomfortable editing environment.In this course, Iteach you to take your theme development to the very next level by not only teaching you how to add theme options usingthe customizer, but also how to tap into WordPress posts, pages, custom fields and more to help users make the changes all in one place.Code samples are available with most videos in this course!Ialso give you the code after each video to help you program the different features and sections. Several assignments and quizzes to test your knowledge.Free Customizer Sections With Code To Plug Right Into Your ThemeWe are building completely, usable code sections and panels that you will be able to add to your theme as you see fit. The sections will allow your theme user to do all of the following:select a post title froma drop down menuchange custom fieldschange colors of background with the color selectoradd social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, LinkedIn and more.create a select menu of all WordPress posts and pagesLearn Code Tricks With Your CustomizerLearn code tricks such as:adding multiple controls with just a few lines of texthook in any CSSfilesanitize inputhook in any WordPress functionmove sections between panelsmove controls between sectionshook in any AJAX using jQuery to automatically display changes on the themeand more