If you want to be an expert at SAP/OS DB Migration or want to clear “SAPOS/DB Migration certificate”then it’s required to understand various tools used for OS/DB Migration and also a practical understanding on how it works.Well then you are at the right place, as this course will help you achieve all these goals.What are the prerequisites for this courseYou need to have some experience as SAP BASIS consultant to understand the terminology used in this course and some basic understanding of Operating systems and Databases.What you will get out of this courseDetailed theoretical and practical understanding of SAP OS/DB Migration tools like R3LOAD, JLOAD, R3SZCHK etc.Usage of Advanced migration tools like MIGMON, Distribution monitor and JMIGMONHow to optimize Migrations to reduce downtime and we haveQuizzes for you to consolidate your learning and prepare you for the certification .How this course is structuredThis course is divided into sections for ABAP and JAVA Systems MigrationEach Section has theory and demo lessons where we show you practical execution of toolsQuizzes are also provided for most of the lessons to consolidate your learning