complete wave tune tutorial course



As a teacher i have seen a lot of students and even sound engineers who don’t know by which vocal plugin they can get the best result . i have worked with most of these plugins and every plugin has it’s own benefits. but among these i found wave tune more suitable. although it is a little bit complicated but in this course every complicated but in this course everything has been explained very easily and everyone can understand them. beside that where as wave tune can handle every scale from west to east i’m sure you will get the most benefit of that. now i will tell you what I’ve done in this – 1: introduction to wave tune. Listen to it very carefully .video – 2: in this video i have tried to make you familiar with different parameters in wave tune – 3: generally speaking on tolerance and edit – 4: generally speaking on vibration – 5: importing and scanning wave through wave tune – 6: from this video we enter the world of wave tune with describing the edit tools with precise – 7: continuing the video – 8: i will explain the segmentationsection step by stepalong with live samples just to make you understand the subject – 9: in this video i will try to show you how the different parameters can affect on our – 10: i will give you a full explanation about edit tools and howthey can affect on the – 11:continuing the video – 12: continuing the videos 10 and – 13: in this video you willget a great knowledgeofvibrationand how they can affect on vocal – 14: all around the world the people have their own tradition and music scales fortunately wave tune can handle all of them and you will know sori and krone that are very beloved notes and scales among more than 200 million people of the – 15: in this video you will learn how to apply chords even on pre-scanned – 16 and 17: in these videos you can apply pitch shifts and correct – 18: this video is important not only for consumption of the cpu of your computer but also for best tuning from wave – 19: this video i a demo from my next course and shows you what other actions you can do with wave tune. in this video you will only see a tip from wave tune but in next course which will be shortly on the Udemy site you will learn how you can make music with full chords by your mouth with wave tune.