Are you looking for a short course from which you can learn how to build A PROFESSIONAL Website from scratch ? You are on the right page, you spend only two hours and you will learn how to build a professional website for your business on your own. This course will teach you how to design website step by step and walk you through essential tools that you need to build awesome website and it’s hands-on lesson, so YOU can do it in parallel. YOU will learn the following content in this course and once you finished this course, you will be able to create website on your own, I promise. 1. Choose Web hosting and Domain registration to get your website2. Install WordPress for your website 3. Select and Install beautiful theme for FREE4. Design your website to make it look professional 5. Install Plugins to boost SEO and view traffic on Google Analytics 6. Create Google Ads Campaign to boost traffic 7. Bonus Lecture : Google Ads Campaign to drive web traffic and App promotion