Composing Tools with Presonus Studio One



If you want to improve your song composing in Studio One,this is the perfect course for you!Learn how touse the Composing Tools within Studio One to improve your songs This is acomplete courseteaching you how to use all the composing tools and feature sets in Studio One to allow you to explore new and different directions with your songsWith easy-to-follow tutorials and areal-world examples of a song composing tips and tricks, you’ll enjoy learning while taking action. WHATWILLYOULEARN?The new composing tools available in Studio One from version 4 and up Exploring the Drum Editor How to use the Patterns step-sequencer-style mode How to Global Chord Track works Building up Chord Progression using the Chord Track Detecting Chords in MIDI and Audio Events Getting Audio and MIDI parts to follow the Chord Track Using Melodyne to help you move audio melody ideas to instrument tracks Using the Arranger and ScratchPad to build up your song arrangement ideas WHYCOMPOSE INSTUDIO ONE?Studio One is a fully featured package.It has great composing tools that allow you to explore different chord progressions and melodiesIt is super easy to navigate and use.The composing tools allow you to improve your song writing efficiency and workflow.Tools like the Arranger, and ScratchPad allow you to test out different arrangement and chord progressions very easily WHYLEARNFROMUS?This course expands on my other bestseller Udemy course on Studio One. That course covered the basics, andI hope this coursehelps you step up your music compositions in Studio One.My goal with the course is to give you tools within Studio One that help you write better songs I CAN’TWAITTOSEEYOUINTHECOURSE! Cheers,Gary Hiebner