Kubernetes is one of the largest open source projects in the world,according to data from GitHub. Its so big that the tools to manage thedevelopment and deployment of Kubernetes are constantly catching upto the momentum behind the open source technology.This continual evolution makes Kubernetes deployment a bit of anunsteady, fast-moving target. Still, the Kubernetes movement is the centerof attention for organizations at the leading edge of technology innovationand adoption. Container technologies remain of great importance, butnow the deepest issues are about scaling containers in orchestrationenvironments. Containers are considered in context with Kubernetes.There is no other standard to speak of that can support the market scalethat will be needed for containers to be used in production. The onlystandard is Kubernetes. Others are supporters of the technology, but onlyKubernetes has enough wind behind it to steer the cloud-nativetechnology market.From this context, I present my courseaboutKubernetes. The market is now beyond the wonder of containers. Itsbeyond the early fascination with distributed architectures that may beused across multiple cloud platforms. Even the Kubernetes technologyitself is getting boring, despite the fast pace of change. Thats a welcomesign for an early market primed for its next big test. The big question isnow about the technologys maturity: How well does Kubernetes work inproduction? We still dont know. Its a question that cannot be resolvedquickly. And until its resolved, we wont know how much of an impactKubernetes will truly have.Containerization is the most important and useful technique in todays world.People along with business and organisations are looking for an easy way to manage their apps.No one needs to do so much work when managing business applications.There is a great need for organizations to scale up to growing number of applications.The best way is to automatethis. Kubernetes is the best answer for the same.This container is very flexible ,highly reliable and can be automated in the most efficient way.This course would Completely guide you on how to use Kubernetes and get the best out !This course will help you to gain understanding how to deploy, use, and maintain your applications on Kubernetes. If you are into DevOps, this is a technology you need to master. Kubernetes has gained a lot of popularity lately and it is a well sought skill by companies.This Course focusses only on LAB and Commands with no theory at all.Looking forward for your participation !