Get ready to improve your understanding of Linux while at the same time prepping to pass yourComptiaLinux+ LX0-104exam on the first try. This course includes 240 practice exam questions divided into 4 practice exams.The following sixdomains are covered based on the exam objectives:105Shells, Scripting and Data Management 105.1 Customize and use the shell environment 105.2 Customize or write simple scripts 105.3 SQL data management106User Interfaces and Desktops 106.1 Install and configure X11 106.2 Set up a display manager 106.3 Accessibility107 Administrative Tasks 107.1 Manage user and group accounts and related system files 107.2 Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs 107.3 Localization and internationalization108 Essential System Services 108.1 Maintain system time 108.2 System logging 108.3 Mail transfer agent (MTA) basics 108.4 Manage printers and printing109 Networking Fundamentals 109.1 Fundamentals of Internet protocols 109.2 Basic network configuration 109.3 Basic network troubleshooting 109.4 Configure client-side DNS110 Security 110.1 Perform security administration tasks 110.2 Set up host security 110.3 Securing data with encryptionCountless hours were spent developing these questions, ensuring the accuracy of the presented information and making sure these questions assist you with gaining more confidence with Linux. It is strongly recommended that you don’t sit the actual exam until you consistently get a score of 85% or better on these practice exams and have a very good understanding of the Linux+ LX0-104 exam objectives which can be obtained from CompTIA’s site.As you work through the practiceexams and other study materials, we suggest having a Linux environment available to be able to experiment with the commands and concepts you will be learning.Wishing you Amazing success with your studies,Michael Dupey