Cabling is no-doubt one of the fundamentals of the IT world.Whether you’re an Intern or a Level III Technician, you’ll eventually run into a situation that requires you to create and run cable. What seems like an easy task can turn into a real headache if the proper steps aren’t executed properly.This course is designed to teachyou the core principles of network cabling so that you can;Cut and Measure Ethernet Cable WiringDetermine Category TypesInstall (a.k.a. “Crimp”) RJ45 Connectors onto CablesWire and Establish Connections with Jacks / Ports Test and Diagnose New / Existing ConnectionsAnd everything else in-betweenBy the end, you’ll know network cable wiring inside and out.So, If you’re ready to hone your skills in the art of cabling, Enroll now.