Computer Organization and How to Organize Computer Files



This course will help you Organize your Computer, future projects, your internet files and your life. Many times we get a computer and it comes with a ton of icons on our desktop and filled with many things that we don't even know what to do with. We usually end up leaving it on the desktop and then fill up the remaining space with files and folders as we begin working on our computer. This course is intended to help you understand what to do with the STUFF and all the files lost on the hard-drive of our computer. We will even talk about: How to organize your bookmarks, favorite websites and passwords. Too often we have one password or a password that is easily hacked. I'll teach you a safe and secure system and you will only have to remember… ONE Very SAFE and Secure Password…while having a different safe and secure password for every site that requires login details. This course will save you hundreds of dollars in lost time searching for those files and folders that you've misplaced.