Its time for you to take control and find the confidence in YOU TODAY! With our Confidence Booster Course, you can be a NEW You! In three parts – Conquer Your Fear, Dealing With Difficult People and Building Self-Confidence – you'll be guided through an approachable path to confidence through understanding. Our Confidence Booster Course is a comprehensive three-part series on three core topics that will boost your confidence from day 1! Here's how the course is built: 1. Conquer Your Fear This 9 Part Video Course is a direct, thorough entrance into understanding what fear is, what types of fear there are, how self-fear develops, the crippling event of panic attacks, and the overall nature of the thing you face as it relates to you. Information is power and you'll find it here, but don't expect a lecture: you're in the driver's seat from the start; given a call to action, along with a tool kit, to expose fear in your life. Confidence begins with understanding. 2. Dealing With Difficult People Through this 10 Part Video Course, we take you through the categories of people that you'll encounter in life whose behavior patterns are discouraging, panic-breeding pools of difficulty. Giving you the initiative to not just outsmart, but help these individuals you'll re-shape the way that you see friends, family, colleagues, and yourself. Helping you to categorize these people as you meet them youll know exactly when its best to take a stand or make your exit. 3. Building Self Confidence In this 9 Part Video Course,it's all about YOU and building your self confidence. You know the territory. You've had an honest talk with yourself and exposed fears in your life. You're feeling clearer and more prepared now that you can categorize the people who can knowingly or unknowingly steer you towards panic. Now it's time to talk about what you bring to the table. Outlining key points of Emotional, Spiritual, and Behavioral self-confidence, this course is where your understanding of your environment empowers you to transform yourself.. Practical and enlightening, you'll learn that for every visible source of fear, there is an invisible well of calm, focus, and self-determination. It's all about access. Learn which muscles and habits you are yet to form and strenghten. Find out how to structure your day based on self-assessment, planning, peace. Get a broad perspective on your own life that emphasizes your emotional, spiritual, and behavior awareness and action. Get Ready to Wake Up to a New YOU Through This Amazing Three Part Course! Join Us Today!