A step-by-step video course based on the "hacks" featured in my #1 Men's Health Bestselling book by the same name… Discover How to "Hack" Your Confidence Using New Techniques and Strange TricksHow confident are you? What does your confidence depend on? Do you believe in your abilities? Do you love yourself? Do other people respect you? Your answers to these questions dictate how you feel about yourself, how happy you are, and what you can achieve in your relationships, career, and life… Because, at the end of the day, confidence is everything. 20 Quick and Simple Habits and Techniques You Can Use Right Now to Boost Self-Esteem, Obliterate Social Anxiety, Relieve Stress, Develop Charming Charisma, and Supercharge Personal GrowthInside you'll discover video demonstrations of each of the techniques, scientifically reviewed and proven explanations of why they work, and much, much more.