My Five Steps to Conquering You Stress Programwas designed for busy working adults just like you.This Conquering Your Stress withthe Five R’scourse describes TheFive R’s of Coping(Rethink, Relax, Release, Reduce, & Reorganize) the multi-leveldefense system against stress that forms the foundation of my Five Steps Program. This introductory courseis broken down into sevenlectures, each around 15minutes long.For one low price you get video, audio, and printversions of the course lecturesand a complete set ofexercises and assessments. You can watch, listen, or read the course at your convenience.In Lecture One you will learn how the course is set up and how to access all of the content.In Lecture Twoyou will discover the three components of stressInLecture Threeyou will learn about the short and long-term effects of stress on the body and the mind.In Lecture Fouryou will discover theFive Rs of Coping, amulti-level defense systemagainst stress.In Lecture Fiveyou will find out how the Five R’s target all three components of stressIn Lecture Six you will learn how to keep a stressor journal and why it is thekey to personalizing your stress management program.In Lecture Sevenyou will find out how to keep a time journal and how it combines with your stressor journal to form your Personal Stress Profile. You will also learn how to use yourPersonal Stress Profileto build aPersonal Action Plan,your multi-level defense system againststress.Here is What You Get in the CourseAWelcome to the Course videowith step-by-step instructions for navigating the course.SixVideo Lectures delivered in mycasual but scholarlyway.SixAudio Lecturesdelivered in mycasual but scholarly way.A Complete Course Manual in one easy-to-download PDF e-book file. It includes all of the content covered in the video and audio courses plus references and all of the course exercises, assessments, and journals.The complete set of Journals and Exercises that bring the content to life and help you hone your new knowledge and skills.Stress Buster Tips that help youapply the information contained in the course content.Keys to Understandingthat clarify key concepts and get to the essence of the content.Key Termsdefine allof theimportant words.And as a special bonus for signing up from this website I will include a free copy of my best-selling self-help book; Seven Weeks to Conquering Your Stress, a $16.99 value.