Discover your authentic power, unique talents and your lifepurpose to access a completely new level of success. I found a new freedom a relaxation in my mind and feelings. But the greatest accomplishment is that I lost my fear of not being enough. I gained new self-confidence.” H.B., VP SiemensGo through this Self-Leadership Moduleof the Conscious Business Institute Leadership Program to learn how you can create a successful &fulfilling career by expanding intoyour authentic personality.About this course:Proven by high-level executives at Intel, BMW, Twitter and other top corporations All future lectures and upgrades always included for free No risk – unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee Become a Conscious Business Institute Affiliate – make a difference and make money.In this course, you will: Understand how to combine career success with purpose & fulfillmentLearn who you are here to be & what it takes to be successful by being yourselfBuild the Emotional Intelligence necessary for lasting successUnderstand your Emotional System to remove the road bumps in your lifeObtain a tool-box brining authentic leadership into your workplace.Stop Pushing & Working Harder Start Expanding Into Your Authentic PowerIn this courseyou will get completely new insightsof who you are here to be: your authentic personality, your unique talents (where work is not work, anymore), your deepest drivers in life,your purpose, and the hidden reasons for any stress & struggle in your life.You will understand how you can break away from the traditional model of success, which requires that we push and work harder to get ahead. Expand into a new model of success, which is necessary if you want to combine career success with personal fulfillment and balance.As you apply the insights and methodologies from this course, you will know what it takes to change the way you work and do business, how you can expand into your true power, and how to become successful bybeing yourself.We designed this course because we, ourselves, were missing a step-by-step approach for creating a career that’s in alignment with our calling. This Module has already changed the lives of many hundred executives in companies from 10 to 120.000 employees. Contents and OverviewThis Self-Leadership Moduleof The Conscious Business Institute Culture &Leadership Program gives you a deep understanding and insight about who you really are”. We will use 5 life-changing personalityassessment tools to help you understand who you are here to BE during this lifetime:1. Your Personality Colors: Who you are here to be2. Your Personal Magic: Your unique talent, where work is not work, anymore3. Your Deepest Drivers: Why you do EVERYTHING in life those drivers, that get you out of bed with a smile (or not, if they are not fulfilled)4. Your DQ: How you need make decisions to be successful5. Your Emotional System: How you create stress & struggle, and what you can do to change that.This Conscious Business Institute Leadership coursehelps you grow as an individual and as a leader by expanding into your “real, authentic power”. It teaches Emotional Mastery, so that you can remain centered and empowered in conflicts and critical situations. Developed by human behavior and consciousness experts, executives, and advisors to top business leaders and politicians, this Module follows 5 Steps to Authentic Power, which are necessary if we want to live our full potential as individuals. Now available online, thisThe Conscious Business Institute Leadership course contains 40 videos, Conscious Business Institute Personality Assessments, and 20 exercises to apply the material to your work and life. We developed this program, because we, ourselves, were searching for a different a better way to work and succeed. Well – this is it! In this course, you will do the most important step towards a more conscious, authentic and fulfilling way to succeed. You will master yourself.Join a movement of thousands of professionals and executives around the world. Create a purpose-driven and fulfilling career, and help change the way we conduct business in the world. Peter MatthiesWhat is the target audience:Any professional who wants to work and do business in a more inspiring and fulfilling way Anyone who wants to grow into their full potential Anyone who wants to build & lead a business in a more inspiring & soulful way.