17 Hours of  Game Development in Scirra’s Game EngineCoding is the hardest part of making a game. What if you could build a game without coding? We are here to show you how to do just that. Enroll now to build your own huge portfolio of simple 2D games. You will learn game development, design and mechanics with no coding.COURSE BREAKDOWNConstruct 3 Game Development: Build 2D Games Without CodingLEVEL I: Introducing the Construct 3 EcosystemLearn how to rapid prototype simple gamesLearn the basics of how to use Construct 3LEVEL II: Make Your Game Work with Cool FeaturesLearn to maximize your game efficiency with functionsLearn about for loops and while loopsLearn how to add gamepad mechanics to your gameLearn the philosophy and how to add touch controlsLearn how to use GeolocationLEVEL III: Make Your Own Pixel Art in Construct 3 from ScratchLearn to master Construct 3’s pixel art engineLearn the basics of pixel artLearn to make a tile setLearn about simple pixel art animationsBuild a pixel art characterLEVEL IV: Add More Details to Games You MakeBuild a game with shadowsLearn how to add sprite fontsLear how to make games efficiently with tile mapsLearn how to use particle to your advantageLEVEL V: Add More Details to Games You MakeLearn about procedural gamesBuild a Roguelike gameleBuild a procedural shooter gameWhat Is Construct 3?Construct 3 is software that lets you make your own computer games. This revolutionary platform makes game making easier, more convenient and fun.You don’t need to install or set up anything. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Once loaded Construct 3 will work even offline. Construct 3 will run on all iOS 11+ AND Android based mobile devices.We’ll take you through each step on our screen over-the-shoulder style. You’ll get to see how the experts do their work.THE VIDEO LESSONSIn this series of straight-to-the-point videos, youll learn how to: Get something no one can take away from you: an education Become a technical and creative thinker Make games that work well and look goodAfter the fundamentals, well get into strategies and specifics, including: Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune Solve problems with a smart and fun mindset And much more!REVIEWS OF MAMMOTH INTERACTIVE”Captivating voice, easy to follow at a rapid pace, get some paper and fasten your seat-belts. I’m enjoying every second of this. Literally, I bought this course for specific lectures of the Python + Tensorflow aspects, and after 2 hours I already know way more than after 10 hours of the Zero-to-Deep-Learning.” – Philip Murray”This course is a great way to get introduced to coding and bringing the game together from a full SLDC stance. The instructors are responsive, and the Q&A sections are extremely helpful. 100% worth the time invested to learn through this course.” – Derek Hass”Incredible course. Looking forward for more content like this. Thank you and good job.” – Joniel Gallo