Finally a go-to guide to master in Content Marketing that will make your Business Branding thrive!Most startups dont fail because they cant build a product.Most startups fail because they cant get traction.When you think of any big company, the brand is probably the first thing to come to mind. Infact, there are very few successful businesses that dont have a prominent brand and its hard to imagine how a company could get big without investing in its image and creating an identify for itself.Despite this, many small businesses and internet businesses dont take the necessary time to create a strong brand and a strong identity that they can use to drive their organization forward.Why? Often it comes down a lack of understanding. Not only do many businesses and entrepreneurs not understand how branding works; many also dont understand just how important branding is.Inside this easy-to-follow Crash Course you will be introduced to the Power of Content Marketing!Now doubt youve heard the phrase ‘content is king.’ Why?Because no matter what type of business youre in the content you provide to your consumers will be at the core of your marketing plan because its what builds credibility and loyalty.Businesses aren’t built on first-time visitors. Companies like the Coke-a-cola don’t make most of their money from people drinking just one soda.They make money from people who drank a Coke and then decided it was good enough that they either want to purchase again and again and again.If the business had to get a new customer every time in order to get paid, they’d all have gone under by now.Yet many people approach their business that way. Instead of focusing on repeat visitors, they focus on optimizing for search engines so they get more new customers.At the end of the day, however, the famous and successful blogs like Huffington Post or TechCrunch ultimately still get most of their traffic from repeat visitors. Yes, search engines love them, but their businesses would be a fraction of what they are today if they didn’t have great content.For many years, Google and other search engines have worked towards making their search results pull up better and better results. They want people who search on their engines to find the best content possible in relationship to what they’re looking for.If you build your website around great content while having a decent understanding of basic SEO, your site will grow. If you put all your attention on SEO and don’t pay much attention to your content, you’ll always be trying to stay one step ahead of the search engines.Content marketing helps you meet a marketing goal for your organization. That could be acquisition of potential customers, retention of existing ones, making more people aware of your brand or your products, or really anything else. We’ll go into many of the most popular and effective ways of doing all of these things throughout the rest of this guide.Creating content gives your audience something to talk about. When they’re talking about you, they’re teaching each other about your company, passing recommendations and links around in the process. This awareness of your brand is marketing gold, and the respect and admiration of your audience will absolutely take time to build, as they require earningtrust. Once you’ve proven your knowledge and (even more importantly) your integrity, though, you can become the guiding light that people turn to when everyone else is simply contributing to confusion. That should be you. The authority you gain then transfers to your products or services, making customers that much more likely to choose you over the competition. If you’re creating content that targets potential customers, you’re shortening the distance between those people and your products, making it all the more likely they’ll make a purchase later on. I want to give you the most extensive and detailed Course of advanced content marketing techniques available today. This resource is chock full of tactical, immediately actionable ideas that you can implement in your own business, to start building a community of fans and followers, to increase engagement and traffic to your website, and to drive sales.Ive included everything from planning to writing to promoting your content so you have all the information you need to all be insanely successful and prosperous on the Web, all in one place!Below is a preview of information that you are about to learn:What is a Brand and Why Does it MatterChoosing Your Mission Statement and NameHow to use brand color psycology to drive growth for your businessCreating Your Look Logos and Much MorePromoting Your Brand How to Be EverywhereDelivering On Your Promise How to Stick to Your Companys Core Values and Achieve Your MissionHow to set yourself up for content marketing success early, and how to avoid common pitfallsContent strategy for both B2B and B2C businessesHow to use content as an influencer marketing and relationship building toolSimple metrics to understand how your content is performingSimple guides to use SEO to support your content strategy and convert visitors into customersHow to automate time-consuming parts of creation, and still feel secure knowing that your content fits your unique brand. All without breaking your budget…and much more!The Story Engine provides you with a clear, concise, and actionable business branding strategy to reap the benefits of content marketing whether you’re a beginner or are part of an expert team that’s simply looking to review its fundamentals. Traditional marketing techniques are no longer enough.A this Course is only for the smartest businesses who know that great content is the key to thriving in this digital world. Discover today the POWER of BRANDING for Your Business!