Learn Content Marketing and Content Strategy with WordPress and plugins to engage visitors and turn them into prospects, leads, and customersNEW – for 2019: We’re adding a number of updated lectures on the latest content marketing plugins, content strategy, content audits, hands on exercises,and some new interviews with industry leaders.Student Resource Site: Your course will have a brand new resource page over at COMP — the College of Marketing Pros.GOAL: You will understand content marketing strategy, it’s principles and tactics, and how to use the powerful WordPress publishing engine to best enable those tactics at your sites. Includes little used but powerful insights to boost visibility, and engagement in marketing your business.AUDIENCE: Great for Marketers and Communication professionals, designers who want to take better advantage of WordPress features, and developers who need to gain a better handle on Content Marketing strategies.REQUIREMENTS: Work your way through each lecture on content marketing strategy. Ask questions. Give yourself a review then take a Quiz to lock in your learning (this also helps your Instructor with valuable feedback)EARN A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Upon successful completion, you will earn a printable and frameable certificate of completion. It’s a great thing to list on your resume and at LinkedIn