Contracts Rule Statements for Bar Exam & Law School Exam



Contracts Rule Statements Course is designed to achieve the following objectives:Provide students with rule statements for all major contracts substantive law topics.Guide students to write their own rule statements and engage in a practice of not memorizing rule statements for Contracts law.Guide students to write short essays based on my innovative method of “Hot Pencil Drills” to relieve anxiety of writing essays.I provide Contracts Rule Statements in a PDF format as well as walk students through my video lecture. Students will learn how to draft their own rule statements based on elements of any rule statement for the Contracts substantive law.Furthermore, I have provided a number of short fact patterns to encourage writing short essays for Contracts Law. My Hot Pencil Drill method has worked for many students and Iam confident that it will work for you.Finally, For a limited time,I am offeringfree essay grading and mentoring to the Bar Exam candidates as well as Law School students enrolled in this course.