Approximately 85% percent of our success in life is directly attributable to our communication and Conversational skills. That means that no matter how ambitious, how committed, or how highly educated someone is, they still have a low probability of success unless they develop the right communication skills.People who reported communicating more effectively showed the highest satisfaction with their relationships.The quality of your life is the quality of your communication in both your business and social life"Whenever you want, you'll be able to:Make ENGAGING conversation at any moment with EASE. Break the ice every time and ENSURE you'll never be tongue-tied ever again!Understand and Grasp the Underlying Foundation Of All Human Interactions.Create an OUTSTANDING Rapport with virtually ANYONE.Engage anyone in an intelligent, powerful conversation so that they will REMEMBER you, no matter how famous, wealthy, or powerful they are. FIGURE OUT: 1)How people cope with change, 2) What are people's primary interests, 3) How people deal with information, 4) How people evaluate things, 5) How they take decisions, 6) What motivates them, 7) What their values are and they organize 8) Their work and 9) Their use of time. Get into the head of your customer and figure out ways to influence his/her buying decisions, People Patterns Blueprint brings into play behavioral models that both Researchers have been working on and testing for over decades. In a nut shell, Speed-Reading people successfully is essentially learning about the world around us, decoding & determining the meaning of non-verbal communications as manifested through facial expressions, gestures, physical movements, posture & even the tone, timbre, & volume of a person's voice – to predict human actions. Become the master of your own Conversations, and to rule over it, instead of being ruled by it!