Cook 3 Moroccan Tagine Recipes Easily!



Welcome toHow to Cook Tagines at Home!You will be cooking 3 Tagine Recipes!This course is designed and structured foreasy understanding and use.My purpose in putting together this course is to help you createdelicious and authentic Moroccan tagine recipes at home.I’ll show you just how easy it is!We’ll be learning to cook:Chicken Tagine with Potatoes, Carrots and ApplesFish Tagine with PotatoesVegan Tagine of Okra, Tomatoes and OnionsPLUSbonuslectures onhow to season tagines and otherclaypotshow to cook perfect couscous without a couscous steamerhow to make liquid saffronEach course is broken down for ease of use.You get a minimum of3 lectures for each recipe, that includes:IntroIngredientsHow to Cook the recipeAnd any other relevant detailsAlong the way, as always, I’ll share with you hints and suggestions for the recipes.Every dish is accompanied by a detailed, step-by-step written recipe that you can download in Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf format.Get your aprons on!