Do you wonder why some businesses easily attractmore clients, more sales and more sign-upsfor their email lists … while other businesses work just as hard and get nothing but headaches?Have you written some copy that hasn’t brought you the results you hoped for?Are you getting ignored because your competitor out-performs you in marketing (even when your product is better)?This course helps you create marketing materials that bring results, even if you’re not a copywriter. We’ll present these points in a straightforward style so you can learn quickly and easily.Copywriting can seem complicated. Professional copywriters study for along time. In this course, I’ve identified the most important core concepts that copywriters use every day. I’ve set up the course to focus on key principles so you can get started right away. And you can follow the course in step-by-step fashion, so you implement each section before going on to the next.You get 5 easy-to-follow modules. Each module includes a series of videos with specific steps. You’ll get what you need – and only what you need – to elevate your marketing.What are the requirements?This course recommends that you have a computer (or laptop, tablet) and a high-speed Internet connection.You will benefit most if you have a specific project in mind, such as a website or sales letter, especially if you’ve started writing and you have a draft to revise.What am I going to get from this course?Over 12 lectures and 70 minutes of content!Confidence that your marketing content comes across as professional with a clear, captivating message your audience will understand.An understanding of copywriting principles that often seem complex and mysterious (and specific examples of how to apply them)Tips to create content more quickly without sacrificing quality (you’ll learn why copywriters offer fast turn-around and make your offer available faster)Ability to critique your own content objectively so you’ll write more purposefully and reach your goalsBy the end of the course, you’ll understand how to write copy more effectively. If you’ve applied what you learned as you move from module to module, you’ll have a much improved piece of marketing content. You’ll be far more likely to get the results you’ve been hoping for.And when you keep coming back to the course and reviewing what you learn, your marketing will get easier over time. You’ll acquire the “copywriting mindset” that takes the hassle out ofall your marketing.Who should take this course:Anyone who wants to create more effective marketing content without committing to becoming a copywriter. The course is directed to business owners and most examples relate to services.