cPanel For WordPress: The Complete Beginners Guide To cPanel



Learn How To Use cPanel For WordPress and Have A Whole New Level of Features and Tools to Easily Implement Into Your WordPress Website.Are you setting up a new WordPress website and are unsure of how to use cPanel or what the tools and options are? Do you need to know how to install WordPress onto your hosting account with cPanel? Or maybe you have seen all of the tools and options available on cPanel and would like to know what they are and how they can be implemented into your WordPress website.cPanel not only provides an medium between your hosting account and your website but includes a whole array of tools and services you can use to enhance your website and its usability. This is especially useful when setting an WordPress eCommerce website where email, security and advanced statistics can be kept all in one place. Once you have mastered cPanel is will save you time, money and can all be easily implemented from one location as opposed to have multiple tools all over the place. In this course you will learn: How to set up a professional looking, personalized email that can be forwarded straight to your regular email account.How to install an SSL certificate and where to get one for FREE depending on your hosting provider.Add Sub-domains to your website for easy expansion.Complete cPanel Navigation. Some of the features on cPanel are quite advanced and its easy to get stuck in the weeds. We cover what every beginner needs to get maximum results.Learn how to track visitors and their actions on your website with advanced statistics.How to install WordPress on your hosting with cPanel.Direct traffic and control its flow with URL redirects.Create and email autoresponder in cPanel. And much more..This course has been designed for complete beginners looking to use cPanel in conjunction with WordPress. Once you learn to combine the power of cPanel with the functionality of WordPress, the possibilities are endless. Let’s Get Started!