Craft a Super Linkedin Profile Summary



DescriptionSigning up for a linkedin account takes a few minutes. Then the difficult part begins. Knowing what to write on your linkedin profile, especially the summary is not an easy problem to solve. Your headline and summary are two of the most important parts of your profile. This course aims to help you overcome the challenge of writing your linkedin profile summary by sharing:Super profile summary methodBest practices for writing your linkedin profileExamples from others that you can learn fromA clear model/template to follow when writing your draftsContents and OverviewThis course contains 10 mini-lectures guiding you through the methodology of writing a linkedin profile summaryNuts and Bolts – Youll see why the summary is so important and learn some best practices to keep in mind when writing your summaryResearch and Guru Examples – We will view and analyze several linkedin guru profile summaries to see if they follow the best practices and also identify parts that we can learn from and incorporate in our own summaries.The Framework – Here you will be introduced to the summary framework that will help structure what you write and the order you youll want to present in order to achieve maximum impact.Case Examples – Well go through 3 drafts as a case example. You can follow along and write your own also!Who is this course forBusy professionalsEntrepreneursCreative FreelancersThis course is basically for the person who is setting up their profile and needs a little structure in getting their summary done.