In Grenade Asset in Substance Painter, we start off with what it takes to model an asset. From there, we will model a block mesh in order to make sure our scale and everything is looking right before spending too much time on it. We’ll then make a high poly mesh from the block mesh using subdivision modeling techniques. Next, we go over the process of UVing and creating smoothing groups for our model so we get clean bakes. I will then take them into Substance Painter 2 to bake our maps for use in easy procedural texture creation. To wrap it up we will take our model into Marmoset Toolbag 3 and set up a material and lighting for our beauty renders. Along the way I will give advice and my expertise on what it takes to be a production artist. There’s a lot of great stuff to learn here, so don’t miss it! More about the Instructor:Christian Cunningham is an environment artist currently living in Santa Clarita California. After 5 long years he finally broke into the industry. He started in July of 2017 (yes dreams do come true, just never give up). He was living in New York but after securing a job at Halon Entertainment he took a 4 day drive to start a new life in California.