Create a 3D Parallax Camera in Photoshop and After Effects



What students are saying about this course:The instructor didn’t waste any time, she was on to the point and a well worthy course for beginners – Bridge Kode, studentVery short and to the point, I really like this, I don’t like long courses just for the sake of making it look like there is a lot of material, the instructor teaches you what you need to know if a great course. – Gabriel Pena, studentloved it – Peter Munuero, studentevery topic well explained – computer scientist Brian Arias Monari, studentexcellent – Kaustav Kar, studentIt was a good course, and easy to undestand – Byron Adalberto Garcia Villedasuperb – Anchana G.V., studentCOOL – Kamal Achour, studentNice course. I have learn some new techniques in photoshop masking and after effects camera settings. – Renjith. R R, studentHAPPY. – Gour chowdhuri, studentawesome easily understandable – Parveen, studenti learned new things. Erdinc Celvan, studentLearned a good deal about some tools i overlooked, this course was really well made and engaging. – Troy Smith, studentGood introductory course. – Carl Van Fossen, studentAwesome, really amazing – Tcherno Madjo Djalo, studentThis class is made for the beginner motion designer who is looking to learn more about Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, and how to apply these skills in a professional setting.In this class you will learn how to animate a still photograph.We’ll startin Photoshop where we will learn how to use the Pen tool to separate the photograph and create a layer mask. Then we will paint the skater out using the Clone Stamp Tool and the Patch tool.We’ll bring these layers into After Effects and convert them to 3D layers and animate them using a camera.Finally, we will animate some text using the text tool and 3D layers.In addition, throughout the course I will be supplying my working projects so that you can use them as a downloadable resource.At the end of this course, you’ll be able to animate a still photograph using these techniques.Let me help you learn how to animate a 3D parallax Camera in Photoshop and in After Effects by clicking the red button on the right to enroll now.