Create a Resume and Cover Letter That Say “Look At Me!


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Tired of not getting interviews for the positions youwant? Wondering how you can take the next step to have an attention-grabbing resume and cover? This course will answer those questions and many more. Students will learn the most important aspects of resumes and cover letters along with receiving access to a number of resources including the “I’m Unique”resume and cover letter plans. These plans and resources will drastically increase the number of interviews for students.Throughout the course, students will learn and utilize resources covering:Researching Resumes to Find What Makes Each StudentUniqueHow to Create Alternate ResumesIncluding the Right Personal Information Goes a Long Way in a ResumeDocumenting The Experience That MattersWhy You Need to Include Professional Learning in Each ResumeWhen You Need to Dig Even DeeperHow to Refine Your Resume DesignThe Important Aspects in a Cover Letter