Create An Alexa Skill Flash Briefing Without Any Coding!



Amazon Alexa is a tech innovation that Im absolutely sure will transform how the world will consume content. Anyone building a personal brand needs to learn this fast, and early!” – Gary Vaynerchuk”In my honest opinion, the easiest money right now for anyone 14 or older is digging in to be an expert in Amazon Alexa” – Mark CubanThere’s no doubt about it, Amazon Alexa will dominate the western world over the next few years. By 2020 voice commerce will be a $40 billion industry and over half of Americans will have a smart speaker in their homes.We are inthe early stages of the voice revolution and there is currentlyvery little competition for brandmarketers to reach themillions of people who own these devices.What is your brand doing to invest in this platform?This beginner’s course takes you through the basics of what Alexa Flash Briefings are and how you can create one, with a focus onbusiness marketing purposes. It will take you through picking a niche that allows you to gain the most organic traction, through to what content to provide and how to develop it, and most importantly how to get it onto the Amazon Alexa devices without coding or specialist knowledge.From idea to execution, with this course you will be able to launch a Flash Briefing in just 2hour.Alexa Flash Briefings need to be updated daily. Thereare no charges for uploadingto Amazon Alexa for immediate publishing.However, mostbusiness owners do not find this practical. Luckily there is optional paidsoftware which can helpyou to schedule your audio recordings weeks in advance.With so little information available for creating a simple flash briefing skill for the average entrepreneur digital marketer, this course has been created with the pure intention of simplicity.No coding. No jargon. This is your simple step by step guide for forming your AmazonAlexa Audio Empire!** UNLIMITED LIFETIME COURSE ACCESS **** 30 DAYMONEY BACK GUARANTEE **** DIRECTINSTRUCTOR ACCESS **