*New In this course, I build a game from the ground up with you. Seriously, I'm doing it from scratch with you while recording with minor editing. This is a great way to learn and troubleshoot problems with me. The game we are making it pretty sweet. This is not a run-of-the-mill game. We are making a keeper.I provide all assets needed for you to get started!If you are completely new to game development then use GameMaker: Studio. It may not be as easy as some other engines, but it is feature rich and it will get easier with a little effort and patience. You need these traits to be successful game developer.Features from Course & GameMaker: Studio:GameMaker *free version* has all the features of the complete versionComplete set of quality (royalty free) assets providedGameMaker allows for porting to any device. PC, Mac, Mobile, PS4 and Xbox One. (paid plugin's required)Course will upgrade with more "Free" video's with support. I will keep adding features to enrich our game.You get my project files to work with and make your own.—-(Free Preview of Lecture #1 & #48. So you can see where we begin and then some of the features we will work on later)[GAME ENGINE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS]1) Go to yoyogames(dot)com > click gamemaker menu > download free now > Click to download GameMaker:Studio2) Save installer to computer or run from browser.3) Double click file once it is downloaded. Accept and click next with all the options you want. It will also install a "GM player" if you had that selected.4) When you launch, it will update files and ask if you want stable or beta mode. Click stable mode for now.5) After you run engine, it will ask you to register for free version. Run through those steps.6) Watch the video's and continue on with me* The graphic files are included with the lectures they're associated with.________________________________________________________________*Trailer footageGalactic Missile Defense- Black Sheep GamesThe Savant Accent – DPad Studio