Knowledge is valuable. You’ve lived. You’ve learned. You know. Share your knowledge. Anyone can teach. Anything can be taught. If you understand a subject, and if you are able to convey that understanding, you are qualified to teach online classes. This is the learning revolution and there is a huge opportunity for you to teach what you know, help others, and generate income.There is a great market for great courses. I know this from personal experience. Take what you know and teach it WELL. People will pay a nominal fee ($19, $29, $79) if you can teach them WELL. This saves people the time and hassle of looking for quality instruction on YouTube. A great course grows in reputation. Your passive income grows. You can teach anything:HOW TO SURVIVE HIGH SCHOOLHOW TO SUCCEED AT UNIVERSITYHOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE (again, well taught please)WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU BECOME A US MARINEHOW TO FIGHT LIKE A US MARINEHOW TO BARBECUE LIKE A CAJUNWHAT I WISH I KNEW THE FIRST DAY AS A ____________ (realtor, financial planner, bar tender, waiter)HOW TO MAKE $200 / NIGHT AS A WAITERThe list is endless. The key is to teach WELL.Most of the online courses in the marketplace today are not taught well.If you create great courses, your courses will stand apart and you will attract students.In this course on creating great online classes, you will learn how to be a great teacher and create great online classes. The material in this course is a synthesis of everything Ihave learned over my 20 year career in online education – the best practices for creating great online classes. Teaching is a skill. It is a skill that can be learned. In this course, you will gain access to everything I know about great teaching – principles distilled from research and verified through 20 years of experience. This course will give you the ability to be a great online teacher and create great online courses. The world needs great online courses, and there are millions of people in the world. Todays teachers who create great online courses have the potential to earn great income. This course will give you the skills to be a great online teacher.