Create HUD graphics in After Effects and Illustrator



What students are saying about this course:Great course for expanding your expertise in After Effects. Many great workflow tips. – David Erickson, studentRelaxed person to person way of explaining, so you understand it deeply.. – Peter Jensen, studentI learn a lot by watching the instructor thought processes while she builds out the project. She not only shows what she is doing, she shows why she is doing something. Nice. – Ira Camp, studentExcellent, step by step but not tedious. And I learning to a point that I don’t have to constantly go back and refernce. – Kenneth Vanwright, studentAwesome stuff… money I have spent here on Udemy. I am really learning so much about after effects through the project…and the repetition on the same hotkey behavior has helped me learn immensely. As someone that is learning animation I have learned more from this project based course than I have in many larger “all inclusive courses”…I will be taking every other course she offers. – Jeremy Hazel, studentThis is awesome training!!! – Daniel Martinez, studentClear and detailed explanation, many tricks and trips, I can’t really imagine number of animation can I do by following this method, make me feel that I am designing like professional , or maybe I am already professional after this course. Very recommend – Ahmed S Safwat, studentHigh quality course offering many well explained tips and tricks applicable to Interface motion graphic animation and beyond! Recommended! – Amanda Jessup”The course is very good and easy to understand. Thank” – Kanawat, studentI remember when I wanted to create HUD graphics. I was lost. How do they get that kind of detail, those glows, how did they set up their shots?After many years on the job, I learned some effective workflow tips to help me create this HUD animation relatively quickly, and now you can too. Ill be covering a lot of important workflow concepts as well as tricks so that you can create this animation.We’ll start with a Thumbnail sketch and bring it into Illustrator to create our assets. Thenwe’llbring them into After Effects.We’ll take ourIllustrator file intoAfter Effects and convert the layers to 3D layers and animate them using shape layers. We’ll comp these assets and create the text in After Effects. We’ll apply effects and filters to create the final look.At the end of the course, you’ll havebuilt up a library of assets that you can re-use in addition to creating this animation.Also, throughout the course I will be supplying my working project filesso that you can use them as a downloadable resource.I want you to succeed. If you have any questions reach out to me in the Q&A section of the course. Id be happy to answer any questions you may have.Let me help you master animating in after effects and illustratorby clicking the red button on the right to enroll now.