Why this course? I Have more than 22,000 students taking my courses on Udemy 4 to 5 stars ratings Clear, concise, precise and step by step approach that makes it to implement This course is a must have investment to get started with linkedin ads in order to use the full potential of linkedin and don't fall in common traps. In this course I will show you a successful method (that I use for my own business) to smartly create a linkedin ad. I'm an entrepreneur and honestly, for me to open my wallet and pay for something, you have to show me how I get my money back… I have been so frustrated by google and linked ads because I was throwing money at them without seeing any return. Following all their advices and guidelines. Yes my website was flooded with traffic but nobody was buying my stuffs (or sending an e-mail). Until the day I decided to work smarter and started to look for a better way of promoting myself on those platforms. Now I use 5 time less budget and generate 10 times more results. I will reveal all this tricks in this courses through 6 simple steps. Step 1: Determine what you sell Step 2: Who do you want to reach Step 3: Create a message Step 4: Create a landing page Step 5: Segment inside Linkedin Step 6: Create the ad I will also include a live example where I'm building a campaign step by step to illustrate my lectures. Don't wait any longer… Stop wasting your money on strategies that don't work and learn a simple way to get real return on your investment with linkedin. See you soon!