This is the course create websites from scratch with HTML, CSS andJavascript. In this course, you will learn the how of making a webpage and create you own web profile at the end of the course withHTML, CSS and Javascript. Not familiar with the names? No problem!This is a course designed for you, designed for beginners who donteven know what are they and how they build up a webpage. So, if youare an expert of HTML, CSS and Javascript, you may want to look for amore advanced course. There are courses that teach NodeJS,AngularJS and React, but not matter what framework you use, theyare all based on HTML, CSS and Javascript. This is a course aims atbuilding you foundation of creating websites.This course will use many examples to demonstrate the best way oflearning web development. I will guide you through each of theexamples and build up your foundation before going to the nextstage.In the first three sections, I will talk about HTML, CSS and Javascript respectively.The three sections seem separated, but they actually requireknowledge from the previous sections. So, stick with the order, youwill be guided in the best way.After the three sections, I will introduce some tools that are heavilyused in the industry to create fancy and extraordinary websites. Bythe end of the course, you are not only learning HTML, CSS andJavascript, but also having you own personal webpage with you toshow you friends.