Create your Microsoft Word documentation From Zero to Pro



Create complete knowledge on Word documentation from Beginner to Pro. Helps in provided details on creation of document, Update and improve the readability of any Microsoft document. What you will become after going through this course:You will learn how to take full advantage of Microsoft WordBegin with the basics of creating Microsoft Word documentsVarious techniques to create dynamic layoutsPreparing documents for printing and exportingFormat documents effectively using Microsoft Word StylesControl page formatting and flow with sections and page breaksCreate and Manage Table LayoutsWork with Tab Stops to Align Content ProperlyPerform Mail Merges to create Mailing Labels and Form LettersBuild and Deliver Word FormsManage TemplatesTrack and Accept/Reject Changes to a DocumentThis course contains details on 1. How to get started with Microsoft Word.2. Create formatting of word3. Graphical updates in word4. Mailing and read options in Word.5. Creating Index and other options in word.