Online Course Creation can be a very profitable business model and the fact that you can start with almost 0 financial investment makes it the BIG OPPORTUNITY for many experts from all around the world that maybe didn’t have the resources or tools needed to monetize their knowledge till now.I know because this has been my main business for the last 2 years and a half and it all started out as a test. I’ve started by creating and selling online courses through marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, CyberU and many others and I’ve slowly transitioned to selling through my own platforms and sites.The great part when you are selling through marketplaces is the fact that they really help you in the begining, when you have no audience to sell to or platform to host your courses on.However, and I’ve experienced that myself, relying on third parties like marketplaces for a long term business is not sustainable at all.Why?Because you have no control over your business. You don’t decide the pricing, you don’t decide the promotions and you don’t have full access to your customers database. One day, if these marketplaces decide they don’t want you anymore,they want to close shoppor that they want to change something that you don’t agree with, well, let’s just say that you can’t do anything about it.Don’t get me wrong, starting with marketplaces and collaborating with them is great and you should do it, 100% but a SMART instructor and marketer would build and sell on his own platform to and many people don’t do it because they think it’s hard!Well, it’s not that hard and in this course you will see how to create and sell your courses on your own site using a platform named Teachable.You will learn how to do this in less than 1 hour and than you will be ready to sell courses on your own platform!So, if you are commited to building a long term online courses creationbusiness than stop waiting and enroll in this course right now!