Learn to create an engaging, animated, and interactive web experience using AngularJS. In this course, we’ll harness the power AngularJS to create, score, and share results from an interactive quiz.Quizzes are an effective way to engage users, promote brand awareness, and create a fun, interactive, learning experience on your web site.While building this project, you’ll learn to create a JSON file, design and style a web layout, create animated transitions, add develop interactive components that will engage, and test your user’s knowledge, of any given subject matter.This course will show you a step-by-step approach for creating an interactive web project that includes:Creating a web layout with HTML and CSSUnderstanding the Model-View-Controller (MVC) constructDefining an HTML document as an AngularJS AppCreating and accessing data in JSON formatAdding interactivity with Angular DirectivesCreating animations with CSSCalculating a user’s scoreCreating custom Twitter and email linksThe class files include all graphics, a copy of AngularJS, HTML and CSS documents, and a copy of the final project, which can be used to gauge your progress throughout the course. Running Time: 2:55 (175 minutes)