Creating Exciting Videos Using PowerPoint Slides



In this course, you will learn how to take PowerPoint slides and turn them into exciting videos, complete with narration.The course starts by discussing the hardware and software you need. Then, it covers everything you need to know to create PowerPoint slides that work well for video. Then, it covers how to record and edit your narration in a free software package called Audacity. Finally, it shows you how to pull it together into a video using Camtasia.In the advanced section, you learn how to…Add transitions between slidesAdd a musical background to your narrationCreate an exciting title sequenceMake your bullet and numbered lists appear one-at-a-timeAdd moving pointers to your videosShow one video inside another videoAdd closed captioningThe course is a series of about 30 short videos, all created using the techniques in this course. Completing the full course will take about 2.5 hours.