Would you like to start making short promotional or news-update videos but don’t know where to start? This solid, demonstration course can take the fear and guess-work out of videomaking and boost your confidence and quality as a video storyteller.In the past, making videos required expensive equipment and a crew of professionals. In this course I’ll show you how to use only your cell phone to produce high quality video designed to impact others and move them to action for your business or non-profit cause. With the amazing breakthroughs in cell phone technology you can now become a “crew of one” and produce your own videos in half an hour or less. This is a hands-on course where I will demonstrate every step along the way. You will move from amateur “selfie” photographer to a polished, newscast-level quality producer in ten easy lessons of about six minutes each (plus a bonus lesson at the end about gear you might want to buy to improve your production level). In one hour of video you’ll learn:The rules of photography that will instantly improve the quality of your imagesA clear outline to follow as you produce every video so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel every timeHow to edit videos in your cell phone using the same free app used by leading news agenciesPut that phone to work and get people on board with your cause or your business! Join Creating Smartphone Videos for Marketers and Nonprofits! today.