Have you ever seen a web animation on codepen or on any website and then you think Ohh that is awesome! I want to do that! but then think its complex and far beyond your skills?Well Im here to tell you: No, it definitely is not!, Im Ahmed Sadek, a full stack web developer and freelancer with more than 7 years of experience, and I wanna welcome you to my CSS Animations, Transitions and Transforms Creativity Course. Css animation is quickly becoming an essential design tool thats increasingly used to help our users understand and interact with our websites.  Its definitely the next big step in css!  Absolutely amazing things can be done with it.  Its literally up to your imagination!  It gives life to your website and  enhances the user experience and you know better user experience means a higher reputation and more satisfied visitors.  So css animations, transitions, and transforms are critical skills for any web developer nowadays…and Im here to make sure you learn it the right way. So in this course you will master css animations, transitions, and transforms, starting from scratch, and not only that, were also gonna get our hands dirty and create many examples together so that you will get tons of ideas, and lots of inspiration to help you create any complex animation you can think of. Well start by looking at the css transition property, learning what it is and how it can give life to html elements. Then we will move on to css transforms, which open the doors for many creative options, from moving elements around the page, to scaling and rotating them.  So well talk about all the transform functions that we can use in 2D and 3D environments.After that, we get to the fun part!  We will use all the techniques and properties we learned about the css transforms and transitions, and well start building some creative examples that will give you inspiration and help you make full use of what youve learned!Well start this section by creating some button hover effects, then some image hover effects, and so much more!Then we will move over to css animations and keyframes, where well learn everything about them and all their properties.And finally we will move on to the last section of the course, where we will be creating many css animations examples that will kickstart your imagination and help you create any animation you can think of! By then end of this course, youll be able to understand how any web animation works, and youll have created more than 40 different examples with different ideas that will help you increase your creativity, and stand out from other web developers.  So if you are as excited as I am, hit the enroll button, and lets dive right in with this CSS Animations, Transitions and Transforms Creativity Course!