If you’re facing some kind of personal crisis, this course will lead you through you with the specific lessons you need to learn to completely turn things around. No matter what your age, you can suddenly find yourself facing a period of significant, internal conflict that may have you either frozen with uncertainty or firing off in all kinds of random directions in a desperate attempt to find a life worth living.Call it an identity crisis, a midlife crisis, or a quarter-life crisis; such times are likely leave you questioning not only what on earth you’re supposed to do next, but even who you really are.Ros, said “VERY effective! Incredibly simple and very powerful. Awesome!”On this course you will discover the 7 Steps to Ending your Mid Life Crisis or Identity Crisis:Diagnose exactly what’s going on in your situationGet clear on the unique PURPOSE of your life Identify the driving NEEDS that steer your every decisionReveal the HIDDEN BELIEFS keeping you trapped Discover the THREE pillars of your unique personal IDENTITY Define your true GENIUSThe course provides you with Nearly 2 hours of easy to follow video instructionPrintable worksheetsPrefer to stay shallow?A new sports car, new relationship (with someone much younger, of course) or quitting it all for a life on a tropical island will not address the the key issue: YOU. You see, you can’t pour a ton of PLEASURE into a hole that demands PURPOSE and expects things to get better any more than you can satisfy a need for OXYGEN by eating more food. So, invest in something that will enable you to unearth what really matters – the root issues that you can no longer ignore.——See what others have said about Pad’s coaching:Ultimately, Pad’s [personal coaching] program gave me a clear direction of where I would take my career and I was able to up my market value, role and pay. If I had not done the coaching, I’d still be unhappy in a role that didn’t suit my skills and I would never have realised how to use my strengths in the business world.” Jennifer C. San Francisco”Pad’s a very good speaker; animated, enthusiastic. He connects well with peoplea nice, relaxed pace so you could follow easily. He has lots of penetrating insights. Now I have the tools to know what to do and as opposed to before when I was just floundering.”Martin D General Practitioner. UK”Before I was frequently feeling quite overwhelmed and the feeling of empowerment and confidence that has given me I can’t fully put into words.”You’ve unearthed some core issues that have been negatively affecting my life and have brought me to a totally new place. I can feel the change in my mind and body. I literally feel like a new man I feel whole in a way I haven’t felt for…well, ages!” Hardy S – Corporate Manager