CRUD Operation in CodeIgniter 3.X from scratch.



If you a beginner and you want to start learning the CodeIgniter, then you are in the right place. Since CRUD operation is the fundamental operation to start any project, if you are not familiar with CRUD, then definitely.You will get the issues while adding your content in your database or deleting the record from the database, even updating the file.In the series, you will learn the essential CRUD operation using CodeIgniter. I give an overview of the course, and then we discuss the CodeIgniter environment that how to download the CodeIgniter and to install, setting the database and other things like a custom helper and custom function. You will learn how to create a custom helper because many students don’t know about the custom helper. We use the query builder to perform the CRUD operation so you can easily understand how to use the query builder and what are the necessary things to complete the CRUD operation, i.e., calling your model’s method from the controller.What about the third-party template and why you need it..? If you are not familiar with front-end technologies like bootstrap or if you don’t have time to create your front end from scratch, then definitely, you use the third party templates, yes we will also discuss the third party template in this series.We will discuss the database and also the table structure because we perform the CRUD operation on our record/database/fields.You will also learn how to can embed Bootstrap Framework in your CodeIgniter project. I will teach you how to can validate your records before inserting into the database/tables; you will also learn how to validate your HTML forms on the server-side. You will also learn how to create controllers, models, and views.I hope you will enjoy this series.