The science of cryptography is practiced since ages by mankind for providing privacy and secrecy to the communications made by them. Currently, with the rapid expansion of the internet and due to exponential growth in internet users, their privacy becomes one of the major issues to be resolved. To counteract these issues the science of cryptography has also evolved constantly making the users data or communications secured. Keeping this in mind, we bring you the right course to learn cryptography i.e. Cryptographic Algorithms in Java by handpicking some of the most important topics covering different aspects of cryptography. Why this course is important? This course helps you to learn the science of converting the plain text of a user into a ciphertext making it secure for the communicating parties. It will teach you to prevent data theft or its alteration or interception by any unknown individuals. It is a right course for learning the details about cryptographic algorithms in JAVA for secure communications made between different people. With the help of this course, you can encrypt any messages which can only be accessed by the desired individuals or groups. What makes this course so valuable? Cryptographic Algorithms in Java clearly describes the concepts of cryptography, cryptography terminologies, algorithms of cryptography both basic and advanced, and types of cryptography. Furthermore, it will also give insights into numerous ciphers and its implementation, digital signatures, creating message authentication code, and several other topics. This course includes- 1. Details about cryptography, cryptography terminologies and Java for programming 2. Basics algorithms with its implementation – Reverse Cipher, Caesar Cipher, XOR Cipher and others 3. Advanced algorithms along with its implementation – Multiplicative Cipher, Vignere Cipher and Affine Cipher 4. Descriptions of activity message digests and its creation 5. Creating and analysis of activity message authentication Code 6. Insights into digital signatures, creating digital signatures and verifying it 7. Cryptography types 8. Key pair generation and the myriad of other topics! Still in Dilemma? Still thinking whether to take this course or not! Then, probably you should ask yourself that do you have the desire to excel in the science of cryptography? Do you want to contribute to this society by protecting the data? Does the idea of giving privacy to people fascinates you? Does the news of data theft bothers you? Well, if yes, then its time for you to buy this course and make a difference.