Crystals for Everyday



Bring crystals into your everyday routine.Crystals can help with a whole host of situations we deal with on a daily basis.Whether it be at home, at work, or for you personally, crystals can be used simply and effectively.This course focuses on these three areas in turn.Discover how to cleanse the energy in your home and how to raise the vibration so that your home remains a happy, positive place.Learn which crystals can protect your home from negativity and negative energy entering your happy place.These crystals will not only benefit you, but your family too.The workplace carries a lot of energy from many different people. Particularly if you work in a public facing role such as retail or hospitality.You will learn how to use crystals, and importantly, which crystals, to use to protect your own energy in the workplace. To help you to not take other’s energy home with you at the end of the day.Crystals can also be used at work for energy, motivation, ambition and creativity. This course details which crystals to use and how.How can you use crystals everyday to help you, inside and out?We all have daily stresses, sometimes big stresses. Maybe some anxiety or issues sleeping. Or maybe you need a self esteem boost or natural pain relief.Discover which crystals you can use for you and how. There are several simple, effective and discreet ways to bring crystals into your everyday routine.