Cultivating Inner Peace



This courseis designed for those peoplewho arefeeling stressed, who have lost hope, or for thosewho are looking for direction anda way to bring stability and focus intotheir lives. I have found in my Reiki practice people leave my treatment table with such a sense of peacethat they function better in their day. Through thiscourse studentswill learn why a foundation ofpeace will help them feel more confident and bring clarity to their thoughts no matter what they arestruggling with. They will learn how to build that foundation of peaceand thedaily practices needed to stay in touch with theirinner peace.In this course we talk about a number of topics including:Spiritual Practice and where God fits inThoughts as a reflection of your worldVision to put your thoughts into actionBelief, Faith, and what it means to tune inDuty or Work as a calling and what that meansIn between the course topics students are given a self-help practice that they can do on their own.They lead studentstowardexpanding their awareness through personal experiences. The idea is that the practicesbecome life long habits rather than just an exercise for a month or two.The underlying theme for this courseis Consistency partnered with Progress, Not Perfection. This is a beginner level course for everyone who wishes to create long lasting life changes.