Customer Success: How to Reduce Churn and Increase Retention



OVER 29,000+ PEOPLE ENROLLED ON MY COURSES AND OVER 6,000 PROFESSIONALS TRAINED TO BECOME CUSTOMER SUCCESS MANAGERS… THERE MUST BE A REASON FOR THAT!Would you like to learn the most effective ways to reduce the churn in your company?, Are you planning on becoming a Customer Success Manager? If so, you this is the course for you.Here I will walk you through step by step the best possible techniques to reduce the churn rate of your company in just a few months.Looking for a $70,000 job? Want to become a Customer Success Manager?Did you know that according to Payscale the average salary for a Customer Success Manager is around $70,000 a year? What is most interesting, is that this is a new industry, and there is no college education, or official certificate that you can get. So as long as you have the right knowledge, skills and attitude you can become a customer success manager. In this course on how to reduce churn and increase retention, you will discover the techniques that will allow you to do an extraordinary job as a customer success manager, and you will be ready to talk about this strategies when you get asked in a job interview how would you reduce the churn in our company?Already an experienced Customer Success Manager?If you are already working as a customer success manager, and you are searching for new ways to tackle your churn problem. Then, even though this course might be too basic for you, ask yourself, if thanks to the information here, you get just one single idea, that allows you to retain one extra customer a year, would that be worth more than the investment of this online course on how to reduce churn?Chances are that the answer is, YES IT IS WORTH IT!  Unless your customers pays $10 a year, in which case, saving one customer wont do much. Now, the reality is that to reduce churn, you need to be always searching for new ways to increase your retention rate, and improve your customer success manager skills. The investment in this courseEither if you are trying to become a customer success manager, you just started as one, or you are an experienced CSM, the ideas that you can take from this course are just too valuable, they are worth much more than the few dollars of investment to enroll in this course.For the price of less than having lunch for two in a cheap fast food restaurant, you can get new ideas and skills that can have a great impact in you landing a $50,000 or $70,000 job, or that can boost your career as a customer success manager and help you improve your actual churn rate and retention rate.Welcome to the online course Customer Success: How To Reduce Your Churn Rate And Increase Your Retention Rate. I will see you inside!