Cut the Cost of College by up to Half and Succeed in College


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I am a college professor with 25 years of experience including nine years as a Chair of Business Administration. I have three goals for this course:Show you how to save a bunch of money on the cost of your education. If you are a high school student getting ready to go to college, if you can use all of the techniques in this course, I believe you can cut the cost of your education substantially,perhaps even in half.Show you how to graduate sooner. Every student I saw graduate as a Department Chair had taken more courses than they needed to graduate and therefore had taken longer than necessary to graduate. By graduating sooner, you cut the cost of college (part of goal #1) but you also get into the job market sooner and start earning money sooner.Show you what to expect when you get to college. College is absolutely nothing like high school. I have seen so many freshman come to campus and be completely lost because they had no ideal what to expect when they got to college. This course will avoid that problem.While this course was primarily designed for high school freshmen (e.g. #3), the money saving techniques and tips for graduating sooner can be used by any undergraduate college student or even adults planning to return to college.