Data Science Approach from Scratch: A Shortcut Course



Welcome to the ultimate course on Data Science Approach from Scratch!!!This course is your Best Resource for learning the use of Data Science.We will be understanding the use of:1. Data Science from a layman’s perspective 2. Regression Algorithms3. Classification Algorithms4. Clustering Algorithms5. Boosting Algorithms6. Dimensionality Reduction AlgorithmsSpecifically, we will cover:Linear RegressionStepwise RegressionPolynomial RegressionLogistic RegressionNaive BayesDecision TreesRandom ForestSupport Vector MachineGradient BoostingPrincipal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant AnalysisK-means Clustering and Hierarchical Clusteringand much more!Feel free to message me on Udemy if you have any questions about the course!Thanks for checking out the course page, and I hope to see you inside the course!NizamuddinCourse Instructor